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DTA thanks Rick Neidig and all the participants at "Let There Be Light" for an outstanding workshop on theatrical lighting! A special thanks to the Master Electrician from the Grand Opera House, Genevieve Fennelli, for participating in the workshop. Photographs from the workshop, which took place on August 24, 2013, at The Tatnall School, are available below. To view any of these photographs in a larger format, simply select the small image.

 "Let There Be Light" Workshop 2013

Photo 1. Logo of Workshop thumbnail of Logo of Workshop thumbnail of Rick Neidig on stage Photo 2. Rick Neidig, Workshop Facilitator, on the stage of Laird Auditorium at The Tatnall School
Photo 3. Getting acquainted at the beginning of the workshop thumbnail of participants getting acquainted at workshop thumbnail of attendees receiving information handouts Photo 4. Attendees receive helpful information to take home
Photo 5. Rick Neidig discusses the equipment used when lighting Thumbnail of Rick Neidig discussing lighting equipment Thumbnail of practical and hands-on experience in second half of workshop Photo 6. Second half of workshop--practical and hands-on experience
Photo 7. Genevieve Fennelli demonstrates of the functional aspects of a lighting instrument Thumbnail of demonstration of lighting instrument Thumbnail of discussion of light and shadows Photo 8. With aid of volunteer, Rick Neidig discusses effects of light and shadows

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